Full-Service Marketing Agency in the North East

A full-service marketing agency based in the North East.

Developing a marketing strategy for your business to thrive. Executing a marketing plan which connects to the people you want to reach. Whilst creating a brand, a story which creates emotion and gives consistent messages running across multiple mediums. These are just a few of the things we do on a daily basis for businesses throughout the region.

Businesses are built on integrity, people care about connections and experiences. It’s our job to help unearth the energy of your business the reason why people come to you, this is key.

A business needs to add value from the first contact to potential consumers. From a marketing perspective, this means inspiring and informing customers of your services. Whether that be through content, videos, conversation or technology. Our full-service marketing agency can help you bring these aspects to life.

Website Design

Website design is often at the heart of any marketing. It’s where we start first, how good is your on-line presence? Does your website portray the right messages to your marketplace? Of course, your online presence is not built in stone. It evolves just like your business, it’s important that you don’t stand still. We can work with you test new ideas and advise you on how your website can evolve.

We are a small team which means you are not dealing with go-betweens. Furthermore, this ensures clear and direct lines of communication, along with complete clarity and transparency. We talk to our customer’s language which they can understand.

None of our SEO work is outsourced, this ensures a high level of service and dedication from people who know your business. People who think outside the box!



Video Production / TV Adverts / Radio Adverts

We create outstanding video production, tv adverts, and radio advertising campaign. Delivering powerful, content driven campaigns we take your sales messages and turn them into engaging, emotional and impactful campaigns to reach your target market.

We are a production and marketing agency in one. To customers, this means we can produce engaging productions across multiple mediums aimed at your target market. It does not end with the production being created. Whether you require media buying or a multi-media campaign both online and on TV or radio. The whole project will be handled by our skilled team of creatives and marketers with years of experience in filming, media buying and marketing.

General Marketing / Digital Marketing / Social Media

So you have your video produced, your website, now how are you going to reach your marketplace?

Where does your audience regularly visit? What devices do they use to communicate? What do they find engaging and shareable? These are just some of the insights which can help us reach the right people to ensure your campaign is successful.

The listening, thinking, brainstorming, sketching and planning are the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign.

Most noteworthy,  it does not just stop there, once we have planned and created your campaign. It’s important to monitor the results, we have methods of tracking various results from your advertising.

Finally, if you would like a consultation regarding your marketing requirements. Please call Julie direct on 07725 042001