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Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert

Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert Holiday Homes


The Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert for holiday homes in the North East and Northumberland by Just Out Marketing Limited.

We loved working on this project for Northumbrian Leisure Holiday Homes.  During the production, we found the parks very welcoming and visited some of the stunning locations around the holiday parks.

Northumbrian Leisure have 5-holiday parks to choose from Clifftop at Seahouses which has just opened recently. Golden sands at Cresswell where a lot of the filming took place. Sandhaven at South Shields, Riverside at Warkworth and Glororum at Bamburgh. All the family-run parks are in stunning locations, we were really impressed what the parks have to offer potential owners.

Furthermore, these family owned and run parks offer great holiday home living. In locations in the beautiful North East and Northumberland coast to the countryside. They offer potential holiday home owners endless holidays to enjoy with their family and friends.

In addition to the TV advert, we have created a corporate video for Northumbrian Leisure to use on their website, taking in more of this stunning scenery.

Featured on the advert you will see our own two Poodle dogs on the beach scene. It was great having them involved in both the TV advert and the video which will be launch very shortly.

You can also find out more information on our TV advertising page and view some other projects we have been involved in the rest of our website.

Finally, if you would like more information on our media buying for TV advertising or our production for TV adverts and corporate videos, please get in touch, you will find all our contact details on our contact us page. 

To find out more about Northumbrian Leisures Holiday Parks and what they have to offer,  please visit their website 

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New TV Advert for Obriens

Obriens Waste Recycling Solutions – TV Advert

View Obrien’s Waste Recycling Solutions latest TV advert which is on your screens throughout July.

This is the second TV advert this year for Obriens Waste Recycling Solutions. The first was about the story of a little green bottle and showed  the recycling process from start to finish. The new advert shows the many services, Obriens offer throughout the North East from bins to skip hire large and small, confidential shredding and office recycling.

We hope you enjoy their latest TV advert,  if you would like to find out more about TV advertising on ITV please give us a call on 0191 5181399 or email julie at and we will be happy to discuss both the booking and creation of the adverts with you.

TV advertising can be a great way of getting your message out in to the marketplace. If your TV advert is done right it can have impact and stand out from the crowd. Just Out Marketing will work with you each step of the way with your TV advert from the initial thoughts right through to the booking and promotion of the  TV advert itself.

We offer a whole host of other marketing solutions to back up your TV campaign to help ensure it gets the best results possible. Call us today for a meeting to discuss your companies requirements!


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TV Commercials – TV Ad – Obriens Waste Recycling Solutions

Obriens Waste Recycling Solutions TV Commercials

We worked with Obrien’s Waste Recycling solutions on creating two TV Commercials along with 2 videos for their website.

The TV commercials and videos were part of an overall marketing campaign to promote the Obriens name furthermore in the marketplace.

Their First TV Commercial

Their first TV Commercial was really exciting to create, it was a story based on a little green bottle. The TV commercial showed the bottles journey from being collected as a piece of waste to being fully recycled and used again. As far as we are aware the TV Commercial was certainly one of its kind, different to a lot of TV commercials out there in their marketplace.

The strapline “Never the end, just the beginning” was created and used as part of the whole marketing campaign. Strengthening the message, across other mediums to the importance of recycling.

TV Commercials Need To Stand Out & Be Noticed!

With TV Commercials you need to make them stand out and be different. With the Obriens TV Commercials, we received a lot of great feedback from other clients about the adverts produced. This was mainly down to the creativity and thought that went into the whole process and overall marketing campaign.

When it comes down to TV Commercials and Video Production. especially relevant is the fact we work with our customers each step of the way to ensure that their marketing gets noticed.

View the TV Production

You can see the web videos we produced for Obriens Waste Recycling Solutions on our Youtube channel. If you are interested in seeing more of our TV commercials or web videos. Please contact us as we don’t put all of our work on Youtube or our website.

We are a full marketing company and offer services such as; Web Design, Social Media Marketing, PR, Video Production, Web Videos, TV Production.  Furthermore, we are also Media buyers and can, therefore, buy your TV advertising, Radio advertising, Press and Magazine advertising at competitive rates. In-turn offering impartial advice on the right campaign to target your requirements.

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Web Videos North East – Nisa

Nisa Web Video Production  – North East Convenience Stores

We were proud to be asked to help create the web video for North East Convenience. We like the web videos we put out there into the marketplace to be different and unique to that business. Not all web videos are the same. A big difference can be seen when the time is spent understanding the needs and requirements of the business you are working with.

The Web Video was produced for their retail conference. Sanjeev Vadhera business development director of North East Convenience Stores had to do a presentation on behalf of his company. Sanjeev was keen from the start to have a web video that his company could be proud of.

The Nisa Local Whickham store was opened for the local community in 2008. It was fully refurbished  in 2011 to establish itself as a quality convenience store offering good value for money. The store has an excellent range, layout and the companies marketing all put together were  key factors in helping the judges. Therefore it was essential that the web video helped enhance the companies profile even further to help them win the award.

At the event, his chain won the Best Multiple Convenience Store for its Nisa Local Store  in Whickham. In-turn beating difficult competition from other major national retailers.

When producing web videos it is essential that you understand the customers needs and requirements. It is not just simply about putting a camera in front of someone and filming, getting good web videos takes a lot of work even the interview technics need to be right.

When it comes to Web Videos with Just Out Marketing you are getting both a production team and a marketing company. A company that understands how to promote businesses and get the message out there in the marketplace.

You can see some of our other work on our Youtube Channel.  However, not everything is on Youtube so if you are interested in having some web videos produced? Please contact us to see more of our web videos work.

Find out more about our production services

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