D-Line TV Advert

TV Advert D-Line Trunking & Cabling Products

TV Advert D-Line Trunking & Cabling. This was the very first TV advert produced for D-Line. The company are based in the UK and have a global reputation for innovative cable management products for the home and workplace.

The product can be seen in leading DIY stores throughout the Country. Their range includes trunking systems for both professional and consumers. D-Line fire rated safe D clips for securing cables on escape routes. Cable tidy units to hide extension blocks and cable cluttering and cable floor covers.

The TV advert we created was aimed more at the domestic marketplace. The objective was to create awareness of the untidy cables around the home, especially behind TV’s etc. A lot of residential households have issues with untidy cables. Our aim was to try and create awareness of the product and drive traffic to the DIY stores which stock the products.

Media buying and the creation of the TV advert for D-Line was carried out by our team. The advert appeared on ITV and was backed up with other forms of on-line advertising to strengthen the campaign.

Client: D-Line Trunking & Cabling

Type Of Project:: Viral Video Campaign

Category: Video Portfolio