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Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert

Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert Holiday Homes


The Northumbrian Leisure TV Advert for holiday homes in the North East and Northumberland by Just Out Marketing Limited.

We loved working on this project for Northumbrian Leisure Holiday Homes.  During the production, we found the parks very welcoming and visited some of the stunning locations around the holiday parks.

Northumbrian Leisure have 5-holiday parks to choose from Clifftop at Seahouses which has just opened recently. Golden sands at Cresswell where a lot of the filming took place. Sandhaven at South Shields, Riverside at Warkworth and Glororum at Bamburgh. All the family-run parks are in stunning locations, we were really impressed what the parks have to offer potential owners.

Furthermore, these family owned and run parks offer great holiday home living. In locations in the beautiful North East and Northumberland coast to the countryside. They offer potential holiday home owners endless holidays to enjoy with their family and friends.

In addition to the TV advert, we have created a corporate video for Northumbrian Leisure to use on their website, taking in more of this stunning scenery.

Featured on the advert you will see our own two Poodle dogs on the beach scene. It was great having them involved in both the TV advert and the video which will be launch very shortly.

You can also find out more information on our TV advertising page and view some other projects we have been involved in the rest of our website.

Finally, if you would like more information on our media buying for TV advertising or our production for TV adverts and corporate videos, please get in touch, you will find all our contact details on our contact us page. 

To find out more about Northumbrian Leisures Holiday Parks and what they have to offer,  please visit their website 

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TV Advertising North East

TV Advertising- is it worth it?

TV advertising is the most wide spread type of advertising used in the industry.

Why? According to Ofcom in the UK we watch an average of 242 minutes of TV a day (2011 report). That is a lot of time spent infront of the screen and a lot of time viewing TV ads.

Almost every house hold owns a TV, which means your TV advertising campaign can reach a massive audience.

But it can only be effective if it is memorable or created for the right audience.

At Just Out Marketing we have the creative expertise and team to make your TV advert shine.

There was a time when TV advertising was only for the wealthiest of companies but now it is more reasonably priced and can work well for most businesses and budgets.

More than just an advertising company

Just Out is more than just a media buying company. We are a marketing company that can buy you the media space as well as design, produce and prolong your TV advertising campaign.

We can offer you our marketing techniques on top of your TV advertising campaign. This means you can get more for your money.

For instance, we can create corporate videos and organise radio campaigns to help back up and prolong your advert.

We also have a close relationship with ITV North East but can also arrange TV advertising on a national scale.

There is no limit to the types of TV adverts we can create. From high to low budgets, we can always manage to develop a high quality ad.

You are not alone with your TV Production

Don’t worry, at Just Out we make sure you are never left alone with your advertising campaign. We know it can be a daunting task.

We work with you through every step of the production. From designing the advert to physically being there on filming day.

You can even leave the organising with us too. The more relaxed you are about the campaign the more you will enjoy it and see the benefits. Find out more 

We are social

If you want to find out more about TV advertising at Just Out why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Get in touch

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